Easily add and update your information

We use a online pet sitter software that is used by sitters all over the world, and is designed to keep your details safe and allow you to book, cancel and update your pet's information in a few clicks.After your free consultation Bark and Board Leeds can register your details and you can then access the software by going to











Book and amend services

Once registered you can then access the portal and fill in the details about you and your pet(s), add emergency contacts, fill in the required permissions section, upload your pet's vaccination card and book any of the services on offer at Bark and Board Leeds. You are then able to view the schedule of walks/visits you have booked and also pay your invoices safely and securely.You can cancel or request other bookings which will be scheduled depending on availability, you will then receive a email confirming any requests.




















Track your pets

Our walkers have access to a mobile version of the software so that your details are available should they need to check your pets routine or contact information. It will have the date and service booked information and the time block you have selected. The walk or visit would then be acknowledged on arrival at your home and the check in button selected, so if you looked on the system while at work you can see the time your dog was collected or your other pets visited. Then again when the walk or visit is complete the check out button is selected.


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