Terms and conditions



1.1 All clients registered will be deemed to have read,understood and accepted Bark and Board Leeds terms and conditions on commencement of services and agrees when requested to update information on the client portal.


1.2 Bark and Board will not accept any bookings until relevant details and documents have been seen and information confirmed on our database.The client agrees to ensure all information is true and accurate.Bark and Board Leeds will not be held accountable or accept liability for any incidents to the clients pet,property or the public  if the client is found to of with held any relevant data  or provided misleading or false information that would otherwise of prevented a event or incident occurring.


The client understands that should their dog develop any aggressive behaviour to other dogs, the walker or present a potential risk to public safety that Bark and Board Leeds may decline to offer certain services or terminate the agreement to provide further services.


1.3 Bark and Board Leeds has ensured that the premises and walkers are covered by suitable public liability and suitable pet business insurance is in place, we also recommend that dogs are fully insured by the client.A copy of our insurance is available on request.The premises has been inspected, rated and deemed safe and secure to provide home boarding and daycare by the local authority. A copy of this license is available on request.


1.4 The client is responsible for any veterinary bills whilst pets are in the care of Bark and Board Leeds, unless professional negligence has occurred. The client understands that by granting permission for their pet to be walked off lead and socialised with other dogs that there is a risk of minor injuries from off lead activities and play. Bark and Board Leeds agrees to inform clients promptly of any minor injuries identified on or after a walk with us and agrees to follow any veterinary advice. We advise that all clients insure their dogs.


1.5 Payment for services must be made by 5pm on the 1st of the month via bank transfer (BACS)or cash.Bark and Board Leeds reserves  the right to charge interest on late payments under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts act 1998. A daily late payment charge of £2 per day will be added to client account if balance remains outstanding after 5pm on the 1st and will be added to the next invoice.


1.6 The client agrees to provide a key/access to the property in order for Bark and Board Leeds to provide the requested services. Bark and Board Leeds agrees to ensure any keys/alarm instructions are stored/protected safely and securely. We will only set alarms if you have requested us to so and given correct instructions.


1.7 Cancellations- For cancellations of any walking services booked with Bark and Board Leeds, a minimum of 1 full working days notice is required, if notice is not received the client will be charged in full. EG- A walk on a Friday regardless of the time  the service/walk is booked for must be cancelled before the end of Bark and Board Leeds working day on the Wednesday, which ends at 6pm.


1.8 Whilst we do not have a specific walking agreement with clients eg A regular Mon-fri walk, We ask that you notify us and provide 2 weeks notice If you no longer require Bark and Board Leeds to provide services for your dog and are a regular weekly client. This is to allow us time to advertise and fill the space and to not have a financial effect on our business,


1.9 We will follow the routine set on the client portal and carry out any one off requests clients ask us to (leaving lights on,closing curtains,leaving your dog/s in a certain designated area)however it is  your  responsibility to ensure the area you ask us to leave your dog is free from hazards or anything that could cause a injury/health risk.If your dog is not allowed in certain rooms/upstairs we ask that you ensure that doors are closed and safety stair gates are used to ensure that your dog/s cant gain access to these areas in your absence and cause any damage to their selves or your property.


1.10 Bark and Board Leeds agrees to walk your dog/s and provide the requested services,on returning your dog/s home we agree to towel dry your dog/s and where necessary and only when time permits we will rinse any dirt off,if the correct equipment(hose,shower)is available. If a towel is not left out then we will not be able to clean your dog/s off and will not be held responsible for any damage to your property. 


2. Dog walking, Day care and Home boarding


2.1 All dogs must be micro chipped and have a suitable collar that fastens/fits correctly and ID tag available for all outings with Bark and Board Leeds in accordance with UK law. The tag must have your name,address and a contact number. Bark and Board Leeds will provide an additional tag whilst on outings with the walkers details on, this is now a local authority requirement for professional walkers.Please check regularly for any wear and tear to collars/harnesses.


Bark and Board Leeds will provide one of our business ID tags and will replace if worn,however if the tag is lost we ask that you inform us and provide a replacement.


2.2 All clients must provide proof that dogs, are fully vaccinated against all major diseases.( We advise clients to vaccinate their dog for kennel cough also)If the client suspects kennel cough or another illness, you the client agrees to notify us immediately. Clients must also ensure that flea and worming treatments are up to date. The client agrees to upload an image of their pets vaccination card to the client portal and update yearly.


2.3 No dog registered under the dangerous Dogs Act 1991 will be accepted, no dog under the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976 (e.g Wolf Hybrids) will be accepted. 


2.4 The client must provide all necessary items for home boarding services , this includes bedding, food, bowls, tags, collars and medication. Bark and Board Leeds is happy to follow any client instructions to give any medication/vitamins etc providing this information is recorded in the medication section on the client portal.


The client understands that walkers at Bark and Board Leeds are not medically trained to administer any medication and will not accept responsibility for any injury/complications if incorrect instructions are given by the client. Any additional items required that are not provided but needed for the clients pet stay will be purchased by Bark and Board and added to the invoice.


2.5 All dogs will undergo a 2 week trial period to ensure that they are well behaved, socialised, fit in with the group and respond well with their walker. Bark and Board Leeds reserves the right to cancel the services at any time if the dog does not meet the above requirements.Any dog requiring our full day or boarding services will need to have a trial stay before a booking is accepted to ensure they settle and get on well with Bark and Board Leeds resident dog.


2.6 All dogs will be exercised on lead unless the client has given consent for their dog to be walked off lead.Consent should be given electronically on the client portal under the General permissions and statements section. Your dog will only be let off lead when the walker is confident that he/she has good recall.


2.7 Should Bark and Board Leeds need to shorten a walk/service due to unforeseen circumstances (bad weather, injury of dog/walker, emergency) clients will be notified and refunded or discounted where appropriate.


2.8 We can accept puppies/dogs that are not neutered/spayed,until the appropriate time comes to get them neutered/spayed, and will support clients through the process. Any dog in season will be walked solo and on lead, subject to availability. Bark and Board Leeds will not accept any dog if you have no intention of neutering/spaying in the future.


2.9 Bitches in season cannot be boarded under any circumstances for safety and insurance purposes.


2.10 Bark and Board Leeds must be notified to any sudden behavioural/health problems to ensure the correct service is provided and requirements met. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of services.


2.11 The client must provide Bark and Board Leeds with a contact of someone capable of making a decision relating to the pet(s) in an emergency.This will be the emergency contact/s you have added to the client portal and they must agree and be happy to make a decision on your pets health if you cannot be contacted, we will not be held responsible if your emergency contact makes a decision you are not happy with.


 If the contact is not available Bark and Board Leeds reserves the right to consult with a veterinary surgeon and make a decision based on the best interests of the animal.


2.12 For home boarding bookings of 5 nights or more a 50% non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking , with the remaining amount for stay invoiced at the end of the month.

Any home boarding booking of 5 nights or more that is cancelled with less than 4 weeks notice will be charged in full to the clients account.This is because of the demand for our long stay boarding services. Failure to pay any outstanding balance will result in Bark and Board Leeds cancelling its agreement with the client and may result in legal action.

 Any boarding bookings less than 5 nights or weekend services which includes walks, daycare and visits that are booked but then cancelled,require at least 1 weeks notice, this is due to the demand for our weekend services and limited spaces and to avoid a effect on our business. Failure to provide the required notice will result in the client been charged in full.





Clients will be required to electronically accept the Terms and Conditions set out by Bark and Board Leeds upon log in on our online software confirming they accept and understand the above before any bookings are accepted.


Please ensure all your information is up to date and accurate so Bark and Board Leeds can provide you the best service.



Bark and Board leeds terms and conditions